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About Us


Manhatco NY. Inc. was created from the evolution of events. I was born into a creative family in Georgetown, Guyana in South America where my late beloved Mom was the leading hatmaker during the 70s and 80s. She produced and supplied hats to major department stores in Georgetown with unique creations and traditional designs most of which were from closeout and shop-worn straw and felt hats she purchased from her travel to the neighboring country of Suriname. I was impressed and impacted by her millinery skills which led me into the millinery business.


After migrating to New York in 1981, it is not surprising that I began a career in the millinery industry. Whilst working at Manny's Millinery under the tutelage of the late Emanuel Reinlieb (Manny) and his son Howard Reinlieb I began to learn the many layers of the industry. However, much has changed since then, including the closure of Manny's Millinery. These experiences have evolved into the creation of Manhatco NY Inc., a millinery company providing a myriad of items for hat designers and the fashion industry.


Therefore, our new website is a reflection of us embracing the evolution of the millinery and fashion industries. With weekly updated and special offers, we intend to provide our customers the best and latest millinery products found within the industry. We also guarantee you quality customer service and satisfaction.

We welcome you to our new website and hope that you take advantage of our many special offers.

We are looking forward to working with you.

Raymond Agard

Manhatco NY Inc.

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